Tickets I don’t get paid on . . .

July 26, 2012


Finally, not getting paid for certain job duties is a part of every position.  Some BOMs can stretch this out just a little bit.  Below is the entertaining story of a $1MM T12 producer who’s now rapidly looking for an exit . . . In retrospect he admits he should have just said no when approached or been given his pick of which trainee he could partner up with: 

After teaching a class on AML & The Patriot Act to rookies once a week for a year he was rewarded with a lunch at Sbarro.  Not just any lunch, but a single slice of pizza without a nod from the BOM or the Regional Director who subtly mentioned that this was a “leadership opportunity”.  The class failed their internal compliance tests and this FA (now a candidate) was forced to re-test for his Series 14 due to internal compliance being concerned about his knowledge. 

The class failed mostly because the veteran producers told them it was a waste of time (tongue in cheek?)  With the brand new Series 14 under his belt he is now the unpaid head of training on a regional basis which has required paid for travel by car, missed client calls and diminished prospecting opportunities.  In the end “be a team player as long as it’s additive to your T12 which is ultimately beneficial to whomever asked you to do XYZ.”

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