VISA News – H1B

July 26, 2012



The last H1B application for 2012 was approved on June 4th.  This closing date was the earliest since 2009 and represents an uptick in skilled hiring throughout the US.  Each week averaged approximately 6500 applications with a high of 17,000 and a low of 2500.  See the graph representing years 2008-2012 and the obvious change in trend.

We were involved with 3 candidate placements needing H1Bs this Spring and were successful in all 3 cases.  L1 Visas still tend to be difficult to move (unless it’s from Spanish Bank A to Spanish Bank B) and those candidates with L1 Visas must now wait until April 1, 2013 to apply for the H1B and wait even longer until October 1, 2013 until they can make a move.

Our expectation is that 2013 will be an even shorter H1B season due to the burgeoning North American Energy services sectors growing at a break neck pace.  We do have clients with open H1Bs so if you are concerned about the H1B application period being closed send me an email to discuss options in private


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