The Client’s Perspective

November 2, 2012

The Client’s Perspective

My money is managed by an FA with 22 yrs experience at a wirehouse. She was the only service provider to reach out to me during Hurricane Sandy to see how my nuclear and extended family was doing. Clients & candidates called (many of you reading this actually). It was a genuine call and if I needed anything I don’t doubt she would have searched her personal network of friends, family and clients nearby to help out. We were prepared for the storm but many, many of our closes friends have suffered losses.

For what it’s worth, calls like these (and consistent performance in line with our mutual expectations) cement a relationship and lead to referrals. My CPA, attorney, IT guy and insurance rep didn’t call me and I don’t hold it against them but I will remember the call from my FA and she will always be top of mind . . . Natural disasters seem to bring out the best in some people and lay the bed-rock for generations of trust across the board – S


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