Done Deals 2014

July 7, 2014

$2.1MM T12 @ 125%, 7 years

$1.4MM T12 @ 125%, 9 years

$2.8MM T12 @ 120%, 9 years

$800K T12 @ 120%, 7 years


Typical mix of bogeys including:


Asset Migration

Managed v. Discretionary %s

70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 120% T12 hurdles


Deferred Comp (stock, cash)

Retention to 150% @ 5 yrs



The market is moving nicely while many others talking about the “greying” of the FA universe.  There is truth to this of course but I argue that this is the time to monetize a book, put the finishing touches on a retirement strategy and prepare for market volatility (if/and/when that may happen).  It’s amazing that so many candidates refer to their firm’s “Twilight/Transition Plans” without running the numbers through an actuary . . .


We continue to see FA immunization to headline risk.  Personally, as a client to 2 wirehouse, I can testify that a negative/positive headline no longer moves the needle and I simply don’t care.  Candidates are narrowly  focused on how a trade away will benefit their current clients and move their prospects out of the pipeline and into the production line.  If you are a client reading this – know that the prospect pipeline needs as much attention as the existing clients throughout the interview process . . . a broken record I am on this topic.


Reach out for an off line conversation with real world examples – S


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